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30-day sample planWe have the exerience and knowledge to get you to compliance in a month or less. We will help determine the optimal structure and have a time tested implementation plan so you can keep pace with today's technology-driven environment.

Connecting training with technology

You already know what training is required and are looking for a quick and cost effective approach to meet your goals. Whatever your need, our hands-on approach to all of our processes and our consultative approach will help you determine the right training for your organization. This sample plan will help crystalize and outline the various steps required for a successful implemetation of an LMS

"Their timely response to questions, their availability for teleconferences before tool roll-out, in addition to their technical support, advice, and best practices suggestions before, during, and after implementation were something I found (and continue to find) completely invaluable."

Beth Alvin

Assistant Privacy and Security Officer at WEA Insurance Corporation